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UK Drug to Improve Immune Cells which can Halt Childhood Diabetes

British researchers have developed a drug which can halt diabetes developing in children. In future we may see screening for children regarding their vulnerability for diabetes and they will be given this drug to keep them healthy.

How to Control Diabetes Mellitus and how to avoid the complications from the disease of diabetes

How to Control Diabetes Mellitus and how to avoid the complications from the disease of diabetes

  1. Regular diagnostic checkups, monthly checkups, and half yearly, yearly complete diagnostic profiles through this can understand the condition of diabetes.

Grapes for Treating/Controlling Diabetes

Good News for Diabetic Patients….! American scientists have found that grapes are very much useful in controlling diabetes disease. Michigan University professors have proved that eating grapes will regularize blood pressure and it will ultimately be resulting in the control of diabetes disease.treating/Controlling Diabetes

Endobarrier – British Doctors Found Remedy for Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common problems nowadays. British doctors have devised new equipment for treating diabetes. It is termed as ENDO BARRIER.

Best Breakfast for Diabetes Patients-Breakfast for Sugar Patients

Doctors are saying that sugar patients can control their sugar levels by taking proper breakfast. Taking the right breakfast will also improve the digestive system by controlling the levels of hormones produced in the stomach and intestines.

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Relation between Diabetes and Insomnia

People who don’t have sufficient sleep will have increased chances of getting diabetes disease. Glucose levels will get disturbed when a person doesn’t have proper sleep continuously for three days. When a disturbance arises in the balance of glucose levels, it will be resulting in increased risk of sugar disease.