3 Signs that Prove You Need Dental Fillings

Nobody likes visiting a dentist, but it is important to keep your smile looking feeling at its best. This is why people need dental care besides the regular cleanings, they need a filling. They are common forms of dental surgery and is helpful to treat tooth breakage, cavities, other dental damages etc.

A filling is a means by which you can restore the function and shape of the tooth that has been ruined by cavities, trauma and other dental ailments. The filling is done into or around the ruined tooth, after all the decay has been cleaned out. Filling is available in many forms and College Station Dentist will help in picking the ideal one for you. These materials are porcelain, alloy metal, gold, or composite resin that is matched with the color of your current teeth. We have listed the signs to look out for when you need a filling.

  1. Signs of tooth decay

Tooth decay is usually caused by cavities. When the tooth begins to ruin, it decays the tooth that leads to pain, sensitivity and more serious dental problems like infection or abscess. To put a halt to the decay to exacerbate, your dentist will fix the infected part and apply the filling which helps in shaping the tooth, keeps the bacteria at bay or food remnants from being stuck there.

  1. Enamel loss

The enamel shields your teeth from wear and tear, pain, and sensitivity. As the time goes by, you lose the enamel. This is usually caused by abrasion and other times by trauma or damage. With no enamel your teeth become vulnerable to sensitivity to hot or cold substances and cavities as well. When you lose enamel, your dentist may recommend a filling to shield the tooth against further enamel loss.

  1. Trauma

This takes place on the basis of the nature of trauma, and it can damage your tooth that you may need a filling. If a part of your tooth breaks or chips, a porcelain or composite filling may be needed to restore a normal shape of the tooth and to keep further breakage at bay. This is also valid on the tooth cracks which is usually caused by trauma, weak teeth or by biting down on a hard object. Grinding teeth at night is also a problem. A filling is helpful in keeping the crack from expanding further or weakening the tooth further.

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