4 Things We Do Everyday That Endanger The Health Of Our Eyes

All too often, we do things instinctively without giving it a second thought. Call it habit, laziness, or just being washy-washy. There are certain activities we do that sometimes don’t even make sense. There are also those we do that might make sense but have serious consequences in the end. But hey, maybe being rash is all part of being human – right? But while it’s natural, we can never say it’s safe. A happy-go-lucky and come-what-may attitude may help you live a more stress-free life but there are risks associated with it. If you’re unlucky, these risks might even be irreversible.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, for one simple reason actually. I want you to stop doing FOUR seemingly innocent activities that, in reality, are hurting your eyes.

“Wait, we’re talking about eyes? As in human eyeballs?”

Yes, we are. Crazy as it may sound, optical health is something that should be talked about. Instead of talking about pop idols, movie actors, random gossip, and whatever stuff that makes absolutely no point, we should be talking about things that matter. Our vision, our ability to see, is one of those things. Trust me; you’ll find yourself in big trouble without them.

We are more than blessed to have the gift of sight. This is why it is our natural responsibility to take good care of it. Unfortunately certain things we do on a daily basis just don’t meet the same objectives. We’re quite oblivious to these things too. We don’t even know it’s hurting our vision! We could list many things but for today we decided to go with our top four. These four, we believe, are things or an action we most frequently engage in and that’s what makes them so dangerous. We’re hurting our eyes and we even have no idea about it! It has got to stop – for your sake especially.

Anyway here are four seemingly innocent activities we do that are actually harmful to our optical health:

  1. Sitting Too Close To The TV

Yes, we’re all guilty of doing it even when there’s absolutely no point in doing so. Why would anyone sit in front of a 40-inch TV right? People back then watched in 14-inch TVs and you don’t hear them complaining! But out of habit, it would seem that many sit too close to the TV when watching and that’s not good practice. It can possibly strain your eyes (read more). Try to watch at least 3 meters away. Don’t worry; you’ll still see just fine with that distance.

  1. Reading In A Room With Insufficient Light

I don’t know what’s up with people reading in the dark. Are you testing the capacity of your eyesight or something? Surely, you have a light in your room. Use that when you read – especially when you’re reading texts in small fonts. Also, always sit while reading. Laying down while reading can also damage your vision.   

  1. Scratching or Itching The Eyes With Bare Hands

Next to the mouth, your hands probably house the most bacteria in your body. After all, we touch so many things – both in private and public places. Even if we wash our hands regularly, we can never say its 100% bacteria free. Rubbing your bare hands directly to your eyes (most people do this when they yawn) is bad practice. You’re welcoming a horde of bacteria into your eyeballs for doing that. If your eyes are unbearably itchy, eye doctors in Houston suggest using a clean towel or cloth.

  1. Using Social Media Too Much

Who here stays up late just to update their social media accounts? Well, you shouldn’t. Staying up late facing a mobile device is hardly healthy for your eyes. You have to reduce your social media time or at least reschedule it to day time. Aside from the radiation that comes from devices, you also sacrifice sleep because of social media. It’s ironic how people cover up their eye bags on social media with filters when they can naturally erase them by going to sleep early. Anyway, sleep is essential for your cells to grow healthy. Your eyes need rest too.

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