5 Breast Reduction Myths You Need to Stop Believing

If you’ve been looking into breast reduction surgery, you’ve probably come across a lot of different information, some of which isn’t true.

Here is some of the false information circulating about this popular cosmetic surgery.

5 Common breast reduction myths

  1. It’s purely cosmetic.

The majority of breast reductions are performed for medical reasons. Large breasts can cause a number of different health problems such as neck, back and shoulder pain, migraines, rashes as well as numbness and tingling. However, breast reduction surgery can have some aesthetic benefits too.

  1. Your insurance won’t cover the procedure.

Most insurers will cover breast reductions because they are performed for medical reasons. Your surgeon will be able to give you a better idea of whether your insurer will cover the surgery.

  1. It causes a loss of sensitivity.

Even though some women will lose feeling around the nipple area, this generally doesn’t last longer than a month or two. Unfortunately, in some cases, the areola needs to be removed and moved to perform the surgery which is what leads to the loss of sensation. Women who do experience a loss of sensation though find that their results far outweigh this side effect.

  1. It’s a painful and risky surgery.

Breast surgery is not nearly as painful as other major surgeries. The majority of breast reduction patients won’t require pain medication longer than a few days after their surgery, with most patients reporting that the overall pain was far less than they anticipated.

  1. The scars are horrible.

Yes, there will be some scarring after your procedure with Dr Andre Safvat, but they are never as bad as people make them out to be. For most patients, any scars will flatten and fade over time.

Key benefits of breast reduction surgery

If you’re wondering why you should get a breast reduction, this is how you can benefit.

Your clothing will fit better. After your breast reduction, you won’t have to worry about finding bras and shirts that fit you properly. It also becomes much easier to find a swimsuit that you love and to wear those tank tops that you’ve always wanted to.

Your health and well-being will improve. Once your breasts are smaller, you won’t need to struggle with back, neck and shoulder pain or those terrible headaches.

You will feel more confident. Women with larger breasts generally get a lot of unwanted attention, which ends up making them feel self-conscious. A breast reduction will ensure that you feel better about your appearance again.

You can be more active again. When you have larger breasts, you aren’t always able to do the activities you want to but a breast reduction will change all that.

You can enjoy the results for the rest of your life. After your breast reduction with Dr Andre Safvat, you will be able to enjoy the results of your surgery forever. Unless you gain a lot of weight, there’s very little chance that your breasts will increase in size again.

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