5 Sports That Can Cause Injuries

Sports can be very fun to play. However, they can also be very dangerous, especially if a participant chooses not to wear the right kind of protective equipment. Fortunately, chiropractors and physical therapists can help injured players heal and regain their range of motion in specific areas. Look into sports chiropractor Mississauga ON for more information about the sports-related injuries professionals can treat. Check out this list of five sports that can cause injuries in the players who engage in them.

1. Baseball

Baseball players have to move their shoulders a great deal as they attempt to hit baseballs with their bats. They also have to run at high speeds to reach different bases. Taking all this into consideration, it is no wonder why these players often deal with shoulder instability, rotator cuff tears, muscle sprains, and knee injuries.

2. Basketball

Basketball is an intense sport that involves a significant amount of running. It also requires plenty of wrist movement so that the players can keep the basketball in motion throughout the game. Many professional and amateur basketball players have sustained wrist injuries, compressed their fingers, sprained their ankles, bruised their thighs, and torn their meniscuses.

3. Football

One of the most high-impact sports in modern-day society is football. Participants in a football game not only have to dash in various directions at an incredibly fast pace, but they also have to tackle other participants. Concussions, shoulder dislocations, back injuries, ankle strains, and torn hamstrings are just some of the injuries that can inflict those who engage in this sport.

4. Tennis

Tennis players have to use their upper body as well as their lower one while playing in a match. They have to swing their rackets and sprint up and down their tennis court. Many of these players have suffered knee injuries, stress fractures, hamstring strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and elbow injuries.

5. Soccer

People who play soccer have to participate in a good deal of running as they attempt to reach their opponents’ goalpost. They must also kick, bend, and stretch their legs to keep control of the ball and prevent their opponents from taking it. Many soccer players have pulled their groin area, injured their knees, and endured multiple fractures all over their bodies.

People put their bodies at risk every time they play a physically demanding sport. Thankfully, there exist practitioners in the sports medicine and rehabilitation industry that can help individuals recover from sprains, strains, and fractures.

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