7 Bouldering Tips Every Beginner Must Know

Bouldering is basically rock climbing in its rawest form. The only climbing equipment you use here are climbing shoes and chalk. It is an extremely challenging sport which requires you to involve your strength and brain both.

If you have just started taking entraînement d’escalade, here we have listed a few tips you must know as a beginner. Keep this tip in mind and surely you will develop rapidly.

Top 7 indoor bouldering tips

  • Take a friend along for the first time: You will need plenty of support and comfort while you make your first climb. A trusted friend who has done bouldering before will be there to watch your back and provide continuous encouragement. You will be surprised to see how the extra boost will help you climb better.
  • Take proper climbing lessons: A professional bouldering introductory class offers great personalized, and hands-on instructions. After a few classes, you will be able to boulder efficiently by yourself.
  • Get proper climbing shoes: Climbing shoes are very different from your regular sports shoes. If you don’t know how to buy one, take assistance from climbing gym employees. They will be able to provide you appropriate guidance about sizing, and other important features.
  • Learn falling: the last thing you want to do while falling is stretch your arms and legs out to control the fall. Well, when you will practice falling, you will learn to form the right habit of bending your knees instead and rolling back on the padded mat.

  • Learn a bit about routes: You can never learn everything about routes since every route will give you a unique experience. So, just learn a few basics about routes and you will be good to go.
  • Depend on your legs and keep your arms straight: Bouldering is not about pulling all your weight with your arms. In fact, use your legs to lift your body up, and keep your arms straight in the process. After all, your legs are far stronger and thus should do more work.
  • Take it slow: Unlike other outdoor sports, where you practice the sports for hours, in bouldering you have to practice it at a slower pace. If you practice climbing for hours and hours, you will end up overexerting, and in some cases injuring yourself.

Lastly enjoy the process of learning how to boulder. The sport will definitely seem daunting at first, but take it as a challenge and gradually develop your climbing skills better. Train your body, strengthen your core, and work on your overall flexibility.

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