Are You Worried About The Cost Of Dental Implants? Here Is What You Need To Know

Just because you have lost your tooth due to trauma or dental problem, it is not necessary that you have to live with a missing tooth. No matter the cause of tooth loss, it is essential to replace a missing tooth to lead a quality life. Missing teeth are more than a cosmetic issue as they can lead to shifting teeth or crooked, bone loss, and decreased self-confidence.

Among all other teeth replacement options, dental implants in Melbourne are considered as the most effective and a permanent solution for replacing a missing tooth.  But, often patients hesitate to replace their missing tooth with dental implants as it is expensive. While it is true that the upfront cost of implants is high, other teeth replacement options like dentures and bridges come with hidden charges.

Here is what you need to know about the dental implants cost in Melbourne

A great deal of teamwork is involved in the dental implant treatment plan

Lots of planning and teamwork goes into performing a dental implant treatment. A number of experts are involved in the dental implant treatment including the dentist, his assistants, and the lab technicians to craft the restoration work together to make sure you receive a long-lasting, beautiful, and functional new smile.  Besides, with a major dental treatment, many factors influence the total cost of the treatment plan, including:

Number of implant posts

Implant post is a part of the dental implants that replace the root of a missing tooth, and it forms the sturdy foundation to hold the crown or bridge firmly. Patients who receive single crown may expect a single implant post, and it is typically the least expensive. If a patient needs to replace several teeth, he/she may have a bridge or denture placed. And according to the number of implant posts, the cost may vary from one patient to another.

Quality of restoration

The final cost of the implants depends on the quality of the restoration you choose. While the cost of the dental implant is entirely on the number of teeth that need replacing, the quality of the crown and bridge can greatly influence the final cost of the treatment. A single crown will cost less than a partial denture and far less than a full denture. Plus, different types of porcelains and acrylics have different associated costs.

Additional procedure

The two most common procedure performed before carrying out implant procedure is bone grafting and extraction of the decayed or affected tooth.  As dental implants need a strong jaw bone to support the replacement teeth, the bone grafting procedure is done to the patients who don’t have enough jawbones. Teeth that are compromised by loosen gums or decay must be pulled out before placing implants.

Speak with your dentist and discover the options that you have for receiving cheap dental implants in Sydney. Never compromise on quality over price!

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