Avoid these Mistakes when Starting With Vaping

Vaping will give you an amazing experience when you do it properly. It can help you unwind after a long stressful day. Also, it can provide your sweet tooth with the satisfaction it needs. Vaping can deliver the nicotine your body craves. However, if you are just starting to vaping and unsure of what you will be doing, you might make some mistakes when using e-cigs and vape juice.

These include the following:

Using Cheap Vaping Products

A lot of people buy cheap and terrible products through vape deals the first time the vape. Unfortunately, doing so will lead to an unsatisfactory vaping experience. If you are going for cheap products, you might put yourself at risk of injuries since these products might not have been tested to make sure they will not catch on fire or explode. If you want to start vaping, try to spend a bit of cash to get the experience you desire and enjoy vaping safely.

Taking Dry Hits

A dry hit occurs when you don’t have enough vape juice running through the coil. It will lead to an odd taste which will burn your throat’s back. Before starting to vape, take a look at the vape juice level to ensure you have enough in the e-cig to keep the coil moist. When you start noticing a sign of low vape juice level, stop vaping and refill the tank immediately.

Going Crazy on Flavor Blending

Theoretically, blending vape juice flavors might seem like a good idea. However, blending them can lead to a horrible taste. This will only waste your vape juice and force you to clean the tank out. Make sure to clean the tank out every time you change the juice flavor to avoid getting unsavory flavor blending.

Not Using a Clean Coil

Electronic cigarettes have coils inside that can get dirty over time. In fact, a coil may only stay clean for about a week or two and must be cleaned or replaced. Using gunky coils will impact the vape juice’s taste and lead to less vapor production over time. Thus, ensure you clean the coils regularly and replace them when necessary.

Not Picking the Right Nicotine Strength

If you are a heavy smoker and taking a huge amount of nicotine every day, you might not have to worry about using too much nicotine since your body is adjusted to the nicotine strength. However, this does not mean you can take in too much nicotine. Be careful about the vape juice to choose as have they different nicotine levels. Look for the one that is comfortable for you.

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