Can Diabetics Get Dental Implants?

Diabetes is a condition where the body cannot properly produce insulin or respond to insulin hormones that help in digesting sugar. Because of this problem, people with diabetes do not have normal carbohydrates metabolism in their body. Also, their urine and bloodstreams usually show increased levels of sugar present. If you have diabetes and want to have dental implants, it might be best to know if you are a good candidate before you worry about un implant dentaire prix.

Impacts of Diabetes on Oral Health

Diabetes is a condition that affects a lot of body parts including the jaw, teeth, and gums where bacterial and plaque can develop exponentially with diabetes. The reason is that the bloodstream has too much sugar, there will be circulation problems. Over time, the body stars to break down when sugar is present in the majority of body fluids. Eventually, complications can develop. There are different gum diseases that could develop in conjunction with diabetes, which makes oral problems more difficult to control. So, can diabetics have dental implants?

Diabetes and Dental Implants

Dental implants could pose an issue for diabetics who have not been able to control their condition.  Because of the installation of the implants directly into the jawbone, people diabetes may have a problem with healing. This makes diabetes a risk factor for implantology. Dental implants are usually not an effective solution for missing patients in people who have poorly controlled diabetes.

Consulting with Experienced Oral Surgeons

A lot of studies reveal that some people with diabetes who have been able to manage their disease can have dental implants. But, they need to get themselves evaluated by a qualified and experienced oral surgeon. Diabetes is a chronic condition and patients should learn as much as possible about their condition.

If you have diabetes and are considering dental implants, consult with an oral surgeon. They will give you professional recommendations and help you determine if you are a good candidate for the implants. The dentist will consider many factors and discuss them with you. Your diabetes history, including the kind of diabetes you have and the length of time you have been suffering from it will be taken into account. Because type 2 diabetes is more manageable and treatable, dental implants can be less risky than those with type 1 diabetes. Also, those who have been recently diagnosed with diabetes are better candidates for the implants than those who have been suffering from the disease for a while.

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