Choose a Locally Owned and Operated Dispensary

There has been a recent surge in the number of cannabis retailers opening up. While many believe the cannabis industry is the next gold rush, many businesses are simply interested in making a quick buck. As a result, some cannabis customers are cautious about where to buy their products. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Locally owned dispensaries with roots in the community, like those of Silver Therapeutics, are the retailers to look for. Depending on the consumer, cannabis stores can act as a pharmacy, recreational store, and so many things in between. But, without the proper direction and product selection, it can be difficult to find the product for you.

Choose a Locally Owned and Operated Dispensary

They Have Great Teams

Budtender teams are critical to the success of cannabis retailers for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they are the dispensary’s faces and personalities. However, they must also be knowledgeable and passionate. Locally owned businesses hire from their community, which more easily fosters a relationship as it’s based on trust and community.

They Offer Price Drops

Your least favorite aspect of visiting the dispensary is probably paying for your product. Fortunately, locally owned and operated shops tend to have price drops more frequently.

They Are Conveniently Located

You probably want your dispensary to be in a convenient location. After all, that is why a lot of people are turning to online dispensaries. Unfortunately, you won’t find these located within close quarters to your school, church, or community center. However, you can still find plenty of locally owned and operated shops in convenient locations.

Their Goals Are Customer-Oriented

When new dispensaries open in their communities, they all develop their own business plans. They outline their objectives and missions in these. Often, this is the point at which locally owned businesses decide to become more customer-oriented. This means that you can anticipate receiving superior customer service. Additionally, it means that you can anticipate superior products each time you visit.

You Can Support Small Businesses

Another obvious reason to visit your community dispensary is to support small business. There has been a renewed emphasis on supporting small, locally owned businesses in recent years. Shopping at your neighborhood dispensary is an excellent way to do just that!

Local dispensaries may just be the craft brewers of the cannabis industry. Focusing on quality products, building relationships, and commitment to the community – these locally owned and operated dispensaries are the way of the future

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