Comparison Between Deep Cleaning and Surface Polishing of Teeth

Most of you must be visiting a dentist’s clinic once in a year in order to perform professional cleaning of your teeth. Dentist will perform the routine procedure of cleaning your teeth.

Few of us may be neglecting our teeth and few may have certain serious teeth problem and such people must go for periodontal cleaning in NYC for deep cleaning of teeth.

Let us try to understand what the difference between deep cleaning and mere surface polishing of our teeth is. Following are few things that will be done if you prefer to do deep cleaning of your teeth.

  • Here dentist will use certain probes, scalers and few other tools meant for cleaning all the area which is below gum line
  • Depending upon the condition dentist will also numb certain area before doing the deep cleaning
  • Deep cleaning will include removing plaque, stain and calculus of the teeth and crown

In ordinary surface polishing the above activities are not taken up and simply your teeth are polished and cleaned. However, if deep cleaning is not done then it may produce bacteria on your teeth.


If they are not treated properly then it may end up damaging the bone and tissue of your teeth which can damage the foundation of your teeth in longer run.

Few reasons to do deep cleaning

Following are few benefits of performing deep cleaning of your teeth on annual basis:

  • Prevents gum disease

By regularly performing deep dental cleanings you can discourage diseases which result from proliferation of bacteria. By removing all the calculus, tartar and plaque will also mean that any infections will not get formed so easily.

  • Improves overall health

Many numbers of studies have proved that there is a connection between our overall health with the health of our teeth and gum. By deep cleaning you can ensure proper health of your teeth as well as your gum to maintain overall health.


  • Prevents loss of tooth

One of the major reasons of gum disease is formation of plaque which may cause tooth loss after few years. Deep cleaning will take care of all your plaques on periodic basis and help you to prevent any loss of tooth.

  • Brightness of your smile

Who does not want to have sparkling white smiles? You can only ensure that only if you maintain your teeth regularly. Therefore, it is essential that you must regularly perform deep cleaning of your teeth annually.

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