Details about chemotherapy and how Medicare will cover the treatment

Those who don’t want to have the Original Medicare Plans; they can opt for having the Medicare Supplement Plan G for them. Seniors who are suffering through cancer, they can ask from the broker if their Medicare Plan will cover their cancer treatments or not.

Your chemotherapy’s cost sometimes gets covered by Medicare. Let’s talk about what Medicare Plans will cover regarding cancer.

What is chemotherapy?

It is a form of cancer treatment that is given to cancer patients. The therapy can destroy the cancer spreading cell from the patient’s body.

Parts of Medicare that will cover the chemotherapy

Medicare Part A

  • The cost of the patient’s hospital staying will be covered.
  • After being admitted, the patient’s treatments and medications will be covered.
  • It covers a limited stay in a nursing facility.
  • Hospital care

Medicare Part B

  • This part will cover the outpatient centers treatments.
  • Will cover the screening process of cancer and the prevention process.
  • Chemotherapy (injections, intravenous[iv], oral, etc)
  • Drugs (for side effects)
  • Feeding pump, wheelchair, oxygen, etc.
  • If you can get Part B, then your 80% chemotherapy costs will be covered.

Medicare Part C

  • Your private health insurance company cost will be covered.
  • It will cover everything in Part A and Part B.

Medicare Part D

  • Your prescription drugs
  • Drugs for side effects, such as- nausea, lack of appetite, sleep disorders, etc)
  • Chemotherapy (oral and injection)

Don’t forget that when you are given any new drug with a new prescription, you need to contact your health care provider. You will know from him that in which category your new medications will fall.

Why you will need chemotherapy for cancer?

Depending on the type and stage of cancer, a patient will need chemotherapy as a treatment.

Chemotherapy can cure

Research says that chemotherapy is capable of destroying cancer cells from a cancer patient’s body and in a way cures the patient slowly. With a proper dose of chemotherapy, depending on cancer’s stage, in this type of case, a doctor won’t be able to find any cancer cell in the patient.

The best possible outcome would be that there won’t be any new cancer cells in the patient.

Balance or control

In some cases, chemotherapy can work for keeping the cancer cells from spreading more than before. The therapy is capable of slowing down the cancer growth.

Ease of the pain

In some cases, having chemotherapy cancer doesn’t stop anymore, but the pain of the patient reduces. It can work to shrink the tumor and thus the pain can get reduced a bit.

Task of chemotherapy

  • Sometimes before the cancer patient’s surgery or therapy, this chemotherapy will work to shrink the tumor. This is called ‘Neoadjuvant chemotherapy’.
  • The remaining cancer cells can be destroyed by this therapy after the patient’s radiation therapy or after a surgery is done. This is called ‘Adjuvant chemotherapy’.
  • The chemotherapy will help the cancer patient to accept other treatments.

In case you are not happy with your current Medicare plan, you can consider having Medicare Plan G.

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