Do You Need Medical Coverage in Thailand?

No one should go without medical coverage where they live. If you need personal international health insurance in Thailand, you can find a product just right for you. If you have a family in Thailand, you may want to learn more about a care-plus type plan. This type of international health coverage provides both Thai locals and expats a lot of protection for the money.

Make it Easy and Convenient to Receive Medical Care

Under this type of medical insurance in Thailand, the care for expats extends to treatments in their own country. That is why this type of insurance is supported in this part of Asia. By using this type of insurance, you can be assured that you will have access to medical care should you get sick or injured.

Don’t Let an Unexpected Illness Burden You Financially

That is what comprehensive coverage is all about. You can enjoy protection if you happen to get ill unexpectedly. Whether you need treatments for cancer or heart disease or need a special surgery, you will not have to worry about paying for hospitalization or care. Plans in Thailand also come with renewal guarantees – all which help you stay on top of your coverage.

Direct Insurance Billing

When this type of insurance is used for payment, direct billing is used. Therefore, no cash advance is needed for outpatient or inpatient therapies. As long as your treatments take place within the insured’s preferred medical network, you can rest easy.

Enrolling in the Coverage

When applying for medical coverage in Thailand, you should be at least 18 years old. A child up to 17 years old cannot be added to a plan without at least one parent. All nationalities can apply to plans. International coverage featured in Thailand cover the countries of Thailand, as well as other areas, such as Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Cambodia, and East Timor, to name a few. Most of the locations cover Southeast Asia.

Do You Travel Often?

As you can see, comprehensive health protection makes it possible for people in Thailand to enjoy the benefits of medical insurance all throughout their lives. To sign up for worldwide emergency coverage, you can sign up for a certain zone and be covered. If you like to travel, you want to enroll in this insurance.

Coverage Limitations

The insurance covers you for unforeseen medical emergencies that happen on a trip during a 60-day period. It will not cover you for over 180 days per year. The amount of coverage is generally $250,000. You can also receive planned and routine treatments with no time restriction imposed. When signing up for zone coverage, you can choose from Zone A, Zone B, or Zone C. Zone A typically covers the world, including the United States.

Review the Plan Amenities

Are you ready to learn more about insurance plans in Thailand? If so, go online and obtain the contact information for an insurer. Get premium coverage now, so you can feel more secure personally and financially. Go online and explore all of your options for comprehensive protection today.



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