Eliminate the Bed Bug Infestation by 4 Natural Ways

Almost everyone is worried about being infested by bed bugs. One in every five homeowners are facing bed bug infestation or know someone who has. If you are figuring out a way to fight this, know that you don’t need harsh chemicals every time. There are some natural ways to do that too. There are a few listed below. Read on to know more.

  1. Steam

This is one of the quickest ways to get rid of bed bugs. You may need a high heat steamer for deeming it to be effective. You can easily rent one from home improvement stores. Ensure to heat up the steamer fully and then apply some steam to all places where the bed bugs could be staying in your home. But you should treat other rooms apart from your bedroom as well. They could also be hiding in sofas and other upholstery furniture. You can keep your pillowcases in the dryer on the highest setting for steaming them. The heat from the steam will eliminate the hidden eggs as well.

  1. Diatomaceous earth

This is a natural white powder that can remove the bed bug problems. Ensure to purchase the food grade diatomaceous earth. This comes in affordable and safe to use around pets and children. This powder pierces the exoskeletons of the bed bugs. These particles kill the bed bugs by keeping the bed bugs away from getting important nutrients and fluids. This may take some time to take place. You may also see some dead bed bugs around the house when using this powder. Add this powder to their famous hiding spots. Never use them in damp areas.

  1. Tea tree or lavender oil

Essential oils may not kill bed bugs. You can make a diluted oil solution containing 10 drops of tea tree oil or lavender and mix it well with water. Put this solution in a spray bottle for applying this solution. Spray the solution directly on the surfaces such as underneath the bed, sofa, and other furniture pieces. Always be careful when using these essential oils. No matter if they are natural, they can still be harmful for you. Many people have allergies and oil can harm you if they reach your eyes.

  1. Dry and freeze

Ensure to grab all the clothing near the bed even if it is not infested. Dry them all on the highest heat setting. Also declutter your room and remove the clothing you don’t wear anymore. When you have clothes lying around your room, you give these pests a chance to hide. You can also freeze your clothing and fabric if you don’t want to wash them in the washing machine. Ensure that the setting is at zero. You may need to keep them in the freezer for four days to get rid of the infestation.

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