Erectile Dysfunction 101: A look at the basic aspects, treatments and beyond!

Erectile dysfunction, simply called ED, is when a man is unable of getting and maintaining an erection. There are various factors that can cause ED, and it can affect a person’s sexual life. Erectile dysfunction is more common than most people think, with at least one out of five men reporting the same. The good news is ED can be treated, at least in most cases. You can check more on erectile dysfunction treatment by Innovative Wellness Group, but before that, here is a look at the basics.

Symptoms to check for

Men with ED often don’t get an erection hard enough for sex. Often, the erection can be for a short period, and in worst cases, the man may not get an erection at all. In simple words, if you cannot keep an erection for penetrative sex for a decent period, you are probably dealing with erectile dysfunction. Keep in mind that ED is not same as poor sex drive. It has more to do with erection and maintaining the same. For example, you may feel extremely aroused, but your body doesn’t react aptly to those thoughts.

Other things to know

Note that erectile dysfunction is linked with age. As men age, the chances of ED increase considerably, and there are other risk factors too, such as chronic diseases, like Type 2 diabetes. If you are obese, or smoke heavily, these aspects can trigger erectile dysfunction. Men with high blood pressure may also have erection issues. Your medical history will be considered before doctors decide on a treatment.

Treatment and more

In most cases, doctors aim at recommending lifestyle changes to see if there is a difference in the condition. For example, the patient may be asked to lose weight or quit smoking. Some medications can also cause ED, which the doctor may change. Medications used for treating ED include sildenafil and avanafil, which are typically taken an hour before sexual activity and not beyond once each day. In recent years, doctors have been recommending Gainswave Protocol, which uses pulsed-energy waves for treating blood vessels and increasing the flow of blood in the penis, and it is being considered as a better alternative to drugs that may have side effects.


If you want to know more on Gainswave Protocol, check with a known clinic near you and find more on the treatment. You don’t have to deal with ED, because treatments are available for men across different age groups.

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