Five Awesome Tips to Maximize your Workout

If you are like other people, it can be hard for you to find time to exercise. But, a great workout is essential to relieve stress, look and feel great about yourself, as well as stay strong. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of your workout, you need more than just half an hour. That is why you need to make the most of the time you have. This article will provide you with some tips to maximize your workout:

Have a Game Plan

Before you hit the gym, make sure you have a game plan because this will help you perform efficient workouts. With a plan in place, you will know what to do next, saving you time and increasing the quality of your workout overall.

Start by creating a schedule by writing the exercises and the time you must spend on them. Perform movements that make use of your body weight to help you get lean and functional while you build your core strength.

Mix Up your Routine

This will help in keeping your body guessing and keeping yourself from getting bored. Alternating exercises will prevent your body from adapting to any given activity, letting you burn more calories. Also, you need to have alternate exercises if you cannot use the machines you need.

Make Sure to Warm Up

Warming up before exercising is essential to prevent injury and prepare your body for the workout ahead. Perform warm-up exercises for at least ten minutes to increase your body’s elasticity, get fluids to move through your joints, get your blood flowing to your muscles, and prepare your heart for a more strenuous activity. If you wish to save time at the gym consider warming up before you arrive there. Consider walking, biking, or jogging when you visit the gym.

Target Many Muscle Groups at Once

Performing exercises that involve many muscle groups will save you time and maximizes the energy you need. Also, targeting various muscle groups at once will let you burn more calories and perform fewer repetitions to achieve your desired results. Activities such as running will force you to use several muscles such as your back and abdomen. Also, try combining stationary lunges with a shoulder press, ball squats against a wall with bicep curls.

Keep Track of Rest Periods

You might originally want to rest for thirty seconds but if you don’t monitor your rest period, you could easily end up spending more time. Rest periods should be limited to 30-45 seconds to maximize the total time you spend working out.

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