Guide to Maple Syrup Grades – All You Need to Know

If you wish to purchase maple syrup, there are many things you need to take care of before making the decision. It is bit pricey and hence you need to be sure that you choose the right quality of the product. There are range of shades and grades of syrup available in the market.

How is it prepared?

This seems pretty obvious but make sure that the bottle reads maple syrup. Pure sap is prepared from maple trees whose starch is converted into sugar. Later, this sugar is boiled down for smooth consistency syrup. Many purchasers get misinterpret pure syrup as pancake or breakfast syrup. Such syrups are prepared from corn syrup flavored with curry, fenugreek and caramelized sugar.

Canada produces about 80 percent of the best maple syrup in the world. They use their own classification system so that purchasers make an informed decision. The extra light syrup is given grade AA followed by light with grade A, medium with grade B, amber with grade C and dark with grade D.

On the other hand, US use two grades namely A and B. Grade A contain all the premiere quality of products that are meant for eating while B is used specifically for baking and cooking. You could find many exciting types of syrups at

While purchasing the product online or from a store nearby there are many things you must be aware of. Before proceeding ahead, make a list of topmost sellers near your area. Go through their user ratings and reviews while making the list.

Read the label

Do not forget to read the label before purchasing it. You must go through all the ingredients used to prepare the syrup. In case, you are allergic to any of the ingredient mentioned on the bottle, switch to a different brand. You could also go through the ratings of different brands.

Different brands produce syrup with different consistencies. Choose one that best suits your requirements. Some new maple syrup grades are introduced in the market and the most famous one is Vermont fancy or fancy. This is the lightest in color and perfect for drizzling over ice- cream, pancakes or waffles.

You need to be aware of different types of grades, colors and consistencies before you shop for the syrup. This will make the entire shopping experience pleasant and joyful. You could also discuss with friends and relatives before making the purchase.

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