Healthy Activities For An Aging Body

Getting old is a journey, and you’ll face plenty of physical challenges along the way.  As your body ages, you have to do more to keep it in that comfortable state of homeostasis.  Staying active, even when your body suggests otherwise, can be very helpful as you age.  

If you’re having trouble drumming up enough ideas to get yourself up and moving, take a little time for research.  Here is a brief compilation of a few healthy activities for your aging body.  

Gardening is rejuvenating

Gardening can be a rejuvenating experience for people of all ages.  Even if age has limited your mobility, gardening tasks like raking and watering can still provide a soothing time outdoors.  

You will find gardening to be a pretty normal event at some of the assisted living facilities in the United States.  Gardening offers numerous physical benefits, but it can also provide a great way for seniors to get together and socialize.  

If you live on your own, starting a community garden could help you be more active and meet people at the same time.  

Walking can maintain fitness

You can sit stagnant when your body gets older.  You have to keep everything moving, and walking is a great way to maintain fitness as you age.  

It’s a low-impact form of exercise that also offers time to step away from the mental stressors of your life.  Walking is good physically and mentally.  

Cooking and baking 

Food hasn’t always been as easy to procure as it is today, and most seniors grew up with home cooked food.  Cooking is a passion not easily stifled, and getting your body moving in the kitchen could really do some good.  Learn to cook and bake healthy treats and meals, so your exercise in the kitchen doesn’t backfire.  

Music and dancing 

No matter how old your body has become, there’s always room for music.  Music connects with people across all ages, cultures, and beliefs.  The energy that moves when a good tune is on will feed your soul.  

Don’t ever stop making a place for music in your life.  If you know how to play a musical instrument, keep playing it.  Music will keep your spirit young and your heart enlightened.  

Playing with a pet 

Animals and humans have a special way of connecting and bonding on a deeply nourishing level.  Having a pet can do great things for your physical and mental health.  

Walking a dog several times a day will keep your body moving.  Playing fetch gets you and Fido moving.  Petting an animal releases endorphins that make you feel happy.  

The science is simple.  Even a fish can offer companionship and a beneficial connection.  Consider what having a pet could do to enhance your world.  

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