Herbalife Nutrition Experts Offer Three Methods to Try for Stress Busting

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, many families and individuals are experiencing an increased amount of stress, with many people not knowing when we will be heading back to work, or what the new “normal” will look like. Herbalife Nutrition experts shared some tips on how to handle stress creatively.


Meditation has been around for centuries. Individuals learn to quiet the mind, which can be challenging. Our minds tend to drift from thought to thought, many of which can easily unsettle us, especially during times like this. We can worry about our friends and family, wonder what will happen tomorrow, or regret past decisions. These are all the things meditation can help you forget, even if it is just for a little while.

If you are new to meditation, put on some comfortable clothes, sit up, take a few deep breaths and begin to focus on your breathing. It will take practice and patience at first. It can help to listen to soft music. If you want a tutor, find a free beginner’s class video online. There are many styles, lengths, and teachers available to you.

Some of the benefits you might experience after meditating are a peaceful or calm feeling, total relaxation, or a sense of relief. All of these emotions can positively contribute to stress reduction.


Some people say that yoga is meditation in motion. If you do not care for meditation, consider joining a yoga class. Just like meditation, there are plenty of free videos online. Beginners can start with easy movements that will increase blood flow and flexibility. Because you are doing something new, you will have to concentrate. Practicing yoga poses can take your mind off worries and place your thoughts on learning new skills.

Yoga comes in many different forms. Hatha focuses on poses, such as downward dog and sun salutation. You do not have to rush from move to move. Hatha is an excellent way to introduce yourself to yoga. Vinyasa involves teaching your body to flow. You will learn to glide from position to pose, and it can get your heart rate up, increase stamina, and range of motion.

While Tai Chi is not yoga, experts at Herbalife Nutrition recognize that it has many of the same benefits. Tai Chi involves gentle movements. You do not have to be perfect. The most important component of Tai Chi is just showing up with a good attitude. Prepare to align the energy in your body, mind, and heart. Individuals with injuries can also enjoy the moves, and some of them are done seated.


If you have a lot of pent up energy, kickboxing may help you get it out. Kickboxing does not have to be performed in a group or at a gym. You can learn uppercuts, jabs, and kicks at home. To do this stress-busting exercise, you will need workout clothes, comfortable shoes, and plenty of room. If you need to, move that coffee table. Get ready to release stress with each punch. Core muscles have to do a lot of work to stabilize you while you swing and kick. The upper body is put to the test, and your legs will shuffle and carry you through your pretend match.

Beyond these suggestions, Herbalife Nutrition recommends you stay connected to family and friends, too. Many of us must remain physically isolated, but that does not mean we cannot reach out to others to discuss our concerns, catch up, and even share a few laughs.

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