Here is How to Use a CBD Honey Stick Like a Pro

There was a time when millennials were using avocado as a super food that bestowed the consumers with many benefits. But when it comes to honey, people have been using the same since centuries for using it to treat wounds, soothe the burns, energize and get rid of the toxins from the body. This sweet element being bestowed to us by the bees is totally antibacterial, antiseptic and versatile in nature. One of the newest way to use honey is to combine it with pure CBD. Doing this will bestow you with the best of both worlds that means CBD can help in alleviating the pain and anxiety.

What are CBD honey sticks?

One of the most convenient ways to integrate this strong pair is through a creative product called CBD honey sticks. These delicious creations seem like a drinking straw, however, many people call them honey straws as they would just look like any other ordinary straw. CBD honey sticks come bearing tube like casings which are stuffed with a tasteful mixture of pure honey and CBD. As they bear the same appearance, feel and the size of a straw, you can easily carry them in a small bag for using it on the go. This kind of convenience makes them most preferable and favorite by the CBD fans. This sweet combination also bestows the user an alternative to edibles and tinctures for those people who loathe vape pens or dabbing but are wanting to consume CBD orally. Similar to other CBD infused products, CBD honey sticks only bear trace amounts of CBD. In other words, you can use them without getting any kind of mind altered state. Many CBD honey sticks are loaded with terpenes, in other words, they smell as well as taste good. If you want to buy CBD honey sticks online, this is a place to be.

How to use them?

As honey is deemed an energy booster, honey sticks are deemed a famous snack to munch in on road trips, at outdoor activities or just for the sake of a pick me up for those people who are exhausted after a long day at work. Storage of these sticks are convenient as well.

  1. Keep a CBD honey stick handy
  2. Cut off the end of the tube
  3. Suck on the tube like you do with a straw to make the most of the honey.

That’s all you need to do. You don’t need any kind of heating or vaporizing or use any kind of complex device.

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