Honey or Maple Syrup – Which One Is Best?

If you love sweeteners then you must be aware of two things honey and maple syrup. Both the sweeteners are extracted from the natural source. Honey and maple syrups are good to go with the pancakes, oatmeal and waffles. Both of them are healthy food option. If you love sweeteners then both of them might be same for you but these sweeteners are different in taste, consistencies and color. They are different in terms of nutritional value. In this post we shall discuss which one is better – honey or the maple syrup.

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Things to Know

  • Maple syrup and honey are almost different in flavors. Maple syrup has woodsy, cinnamon and hazelnut flavors available in different grades. There are various species of maple depending upon the geographical location of the tree. Sometimes you can experience hazelnuts flavors. Honey has always a pure, light and floral flavor that are extracted from the honeycomb maze.
  • The maple syrups have more health benefits than honey. The glycemic index of the maple syrup is low that makes it a better option than sugar and honey. The maple syrups have high minerals like calcium and manganese. The calcium and manganese boosts energy and it is quite good for heart. Honey has less calcium content than the maple syrup.
  • The process of manufacturing the maple syrup is quite simple. It is manufactured by boiling the sap that leads to form syrup. The nectar is stored and broken down into sugar component and in this constant process of breaking down of the sugar converts into honey.

These are some things to know about the difference between honey and maple syrup.

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