How Many Coolsculpting Treatments Do You Need to Lose Weight?

In most cases, you are advised to watch your diet and exercise more regularly if you want to shed off excess fats from your body and maintain a slim look. But, has anybody told you to try Coolsculpting? Well, this non-invasive, fat-freezing technique is widely done in Toronto. So, you’ll not be the first one to try it. It’s meant to freeze fat cells in your body and eventually kill them. In the end, this gives you a better-contoured body and slimmer look. The amazing part is that there are no sharp objects involved or anaesthesia as the procedure is non-surgical. Thus, you are likely to go on with your day-to-day routines immediately after Coolsculpting in Toronto.

Does Coolsculpting Really Help in Weight Loss?

Contrary to what most people assume, Coolsculpting is not exactly a 100% weight loss solution. However, it can help you lose about 20-30 pounds by destroying fat cells that are too stubborn to shed off by working out or maintaining a healthy diet.  Such fat cells may be the reason why you are finding it difficult to get slimmer. So, you can argue that Coolsculpting, though not a complete weight loss practice, may help you lose weight if compounded with exercises and a strict diet plan.

How Many Treatments Are Needed for Weight Loss?

It depends on an individual. Sometimes, all you need is a single Coolsculpting procedure to shed 20-25% body fats. This is a significant percentage considering that a quarter of your body fat is eliminated. So, it’s easier to get a flat tummy after a few weeks of fat-freezing. This is because of the following basics of Coolsculpting:

  • Fat-specific: A Coolsculpting procedure only targets fats and not any other thing in your body. The fat is frozen to die and be eliminated naturally over time.
  • Cell-specific: With respect to fat pockets, only the fat cells are targeted and not the surrounding tissues. This is because the cells are the ones that are too stubborn to shed off using conventional weight loss procedures.
  • Gradual Effects: You don’t get a contoured body immediately after Coolsculpting. The effects are realized over time. Once the fat cells are frozen and dead, they have to be eliminated naturally and this usually takes time.

In case of stubborn fats, one Coolsculpting treatment is never enough. You may need 2-3 procedures before you can successfully freeze the fatty cells. Theoretically, there’s no harm going for more sessions if you want to get slimmer than you already are after two or three treatments. However, it’s very unlikely that you will not like the way you look after the third procedure. But, it’s important to note that there’s a time gap between the procedures. It takes at least a month before you can repeat Coolsculpting in Toronto. This is meant to give your body adequate time to naturally get rid of the frozen fats.

Generally, you need 1-3 Coolsculpting procedures to shed off excess fat from your body. By doing so and sticking to an effective weight management plan, you’ll be able to lose weight and start enjoying a slimmer and more desirable body.

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