How Parents can Handle their Teens’ Depression

Teenagers tend to get moody and depressed. This behavior is part of their biological makeup. Their emotions jump on a rollercoaster as their hormones race through their bodies. But, depression in teens should not be taken lightly as the disorder can significantly affect their quality of life. As a parent, you will want to know how to deal with depression in your teens. Below are some helpful tips:

Talk to your Teen about their Depression

Depressed teens may not open up to their parents about their condition. However, parents must make their teens know they are there for them to talk about whatever they are going through.

Show Empathy

Putting yourself in your child’s shoes can be difficult, especially if you never had depression yourself. But, you can empathize with them to help them carry their burden. Depression is associated with how your teen sees themselves and the world. As a parent, you must work to understand their feelings so you can better understand them.

Give your Teens Useful Resources

Teenagers who are experiencing depression can use some good resources. Aside from workbooks, they can also attend a self-help group for teens. Check with their school if there are resources your child can use. But, you can also enroll your teen at a boarding school for troubled teens such as Lakeside Academy.

Monitor your Child’s Symptoms

Depression can be accompanied by some symptoms such as changes in sleeping and eating patterns, loss of interest in things they used to be interested in, feelings of guilt, problem concentrating, and more. In case they have suicidal thoughts or attempts, you must contact a mental health professional to seek the necessary help for your teen.

Get your Child Checked by a Doctor

Teenagers with depressive feelings must be examined by a doctor. The doctor will determine any physical causes for their depression like low vitamin C. A complete physical examination is a great place to start as you seek for your child’s recovery from depression.

Honor your Teen’s Request as you Watch for Warning Signs

Depressed teens will want to lie in bed and isolate. You must honor their request to take it easy. But, when you notice their symptoms have worsened over the week, you should get them to go out to dinner with everyone in your family. Also, they should attend school regularly even if they feel too depressed to go.

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