How to Infuse Cannabis into Cooking Oil

Cannabis-infused oil is most likely the most versatile cannabis-infused food ingredient and a good start for a newbie. It can be used for all sorts of foods, from frying your eggs to baking desserts. However, it is as simply used as just your regular cooking oil. Buy marijuana online today, and let’s give it a try together.

Recipe for cannabis-infused cooking oil


  • 1 cup of ground cheap weed
  • 1 cup of cooking oil of your choice

When making cannabis oil, always use a 1:1 ratio of cannabis to oil.

Choosing the right cooking oil base for your cannabis-infused oil

Picking the right oil for your canna-oil boils down to what flavor or type of oil you prefer, and sometimes, it could be the cooking to be made. Cooking oils have different behaviours at room temperature and a different standard to cooking, so it is essential that you think well about how you want to preserve and use the oil.

Most oils work well for baking, but you should look into which has the flavor and consistency for different recipes. As an instance, should you be looking for a type of oil to use in a stir fry, coconut oil should be a great option. Basically, because it adds immense flavor to veggies and stays solid enough at room temperature to bind the fry together.

Or you need a type of oil with a mild flavor, vegetable and canola oil is your best bet. They are also convenient and can be used for various kinds of recipes. Or better still, you crave something more robust in flavor, what you need might be the olive or avocado oil. They both go well together with the cannabis flavor and are easier stored. Choose your oil well, and let’s get creative!

Tools required:

  • A strainer; cheesecloth is recommended.
  • A hand grinder
  • A slow cooker, or a saucepan


  1. Grind the weed; don’t grind till it’s fine, let it be coarse.
  2. Combine oil and cannabis in your slow cooker, or saucepan, and heat slowly for a few hours. This allows for complete decarboxylation without destroying active components of the cannabis. A small amount of water can be added to avoid burning, and the temperature of the oil should not exceed 128°C.
  3. If you are using a slow cooker, heat oil and cannabis in the cooker on low for 4-6 hours, stirring occasionally. If you are using a saucepan, heat oil and cannabis in the saucepan on low heat for at least 3 hours, stirring frequently
  4. Strain the oil with cheesecloth without squeezing; squeezing will only add more chlorophyll to your oil. All residual materials can be discarded or used for other dishes if desired.

Always be cautious when using the oil to prepare dishes that require serious heating; you don’t want to lose the effect of the weed. Do not microwave and choose low heat whenever possible.

Now that you are ready to make infused oil yourself, rush into one of the best online dispensaries in Canada to buy weed online. Make your oil and get tipsy on every cooking!

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