Importance of Having Perfectly Manicured Hands and Pedicured Feet

Having a manicured hand and a pedicured foot is a sign of hygiene. Needless to say, we use our hands and feet the most, throughout the day. Hence, they need proper care and pampering sessions at the salon or spa. While both of the services will leave you feel relaxed, the benefits go much deeper and are beyond indulgence. Regular treatment will make your skin and nails healthy. There are several reasons why you must always opt for these services routinely, let us check the most important ones:

Keeps the nail healthy

Besides using our limbs, the most they are also exposed to daily pollution, dust and moisture which causes brittle nails and may cause the skin in your hands and legs to become hard. Regular manicure and pedicure spa sessions will make your nails healthy. Additionally, if you are opting for this service for the first time, it is suggested to visit a spa instead of a salon.

This is because apart from regular cleansing and masking, they also provide massage. The massage stimulates the circulation of the blood and helps in absorption of hand and foot cream at much faster rate. In Canada, most of the women opt for manicure- pedicure treatment at the storm spa. Spa à Québec also gives numerous related spa services in a package. You can also include a dry body massage along with manicure and pedicure.

Removes tan and dead skin

Manicure and pedicure involve mild bleach, exfoliation of dead skin cells. Therefore, if you are coming after a long holiday at the beach or had a hectic weekend at the office, the next thing you must look forward to is a manicure and pedicure session at your nearest spa or salon. There are various types of services that most of the salon offers.

The simple ones are less time consuming as it involves soaking your fingers and feet in warm water with a mild manicure wash. Thereafter, the professional massages your feet and hands. The total feeling is very relaxing and you might also feel sleepy after the entire process. However, if you wish to remove stubborn tan marks, you have to choose rubber spa for your both feet and hands.

The rubber mask is made up of kojic acid that acts like a mild chemical peel and removes the stubborn tan marks instantly. This process is little costly but worth the pocket pinch. It is advised that you must also go for normal routine hand and foot spa after you have taken this service.

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