Laser On The Skin And Its Benefits

Laser treatments, like any medical treatment, must be carried out by a specialist who can identify the indications and contraindications and, thus, conduct each case effectively and appropriately.

Over the years, it has been typical for unwanted lines of expression, wrinkles, and spots to appear on the skin caused by excessive exposure to the sun. Because of this, in addition to anti-aging creams, peelings, botox, and fillers, men and women seek rejuvenation and care methods such as laser treatments, which are some of the fastest and most effective procedures and can be done in places like Kybella Treatments near Minneapolis for example.

Treatments using Lasers in Metropolitan Skin Clinic for instance are effective in , and increasingly modern technologies allow more significant benefits and an ever-increasing range of therapeutic possibilities. The Laser must have its parameters individually adjusted according to the type of skin, disease, or specific aesthetic treatment and, therefore, the importance of always consulting with a doctor to ensure better efficacy and lower risks of undesirable effects.

Contrary to what many think, laser treatments can be done in the summer. It is enough that the patient respects all the recommendations given by the doctor. However, some treatments cannot be performed on tanned skin by natural or artificial tanning.

As with any treatment, the Laser also has its contraindications. Only the doctor can say whether the patient can undergo the treatment safely. Pregnant and lactating women and people with certain skin diseases should not be treated while these conditions persist. Any treatment can harm the patient’s health if they are not adequately respected.


The Laser has arrived to revolutionize the treatment of acne, acting both in active acne (in conjunction with conventional treatment) and in the scarring phase.


Laser treatment permanently eliminates or minimizes the various types of scars.

Pigmented Lesions (Spots)

The LASER can be used to remove melanin, the brownish pigment that gives color to the skin and that, in some situations, can cause spots on the skin. The laser light, without harming the skin, will directly reach the pigment, promoting its breakdown and absorption by the body. Thus, the pigmented lesions that can be treated with the Laser are:

  • Ephelides (“freckles”)
  • Solar Melanoses (“sun spots”)
  • Nevus of Ota
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

DARK CIRCLES: Dark circles are alterations caused by the accumulation of melanin (the pigment that gives color to the skin) in the eyelid region, added to the local microcirculation that causes the darkening of the region. It greatly affects both pigments, dark (melanin) and bluish or purplish (hemoglobin). The treatment is simple, quick, and painless. It should be applied monthly, around 3 to 6 sessions, to improve dark circles significantly.

Laser Waxing

Laser for hair removal is an efficient, promoting total and longer-lasting hair removal in the treated area in the first session, which becomes permanent after a few sessions. With each session, the hair becomes thinner and grows more slowly. Laser light also improves inflammatory processes (folliculitis) and ingrown hairs. Laser applications are less painful, and there is less risk of unsightly scarring.

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