Lemon Balm: The Wonders It Does to Treat Anxiety

There are numerous ways on how you can treat anxiety— there are numerous herbs and natural remedies too that are way safer. One of it is the lemon balm.

Some ways to help fight anxiety are, taking the gym and regular exercise. Staying active and healthy through diets. Keeping company with friends, loved ones or even getting a dog for yourself. However, doing such things still would not suffice in fighting such depressive disease.

What you needed is Lemon balm. Through studies and researches, lemon balm has proven to be one of the great aid for mental illnesses such as anxiety. It has helped relieved insomnia, hysteria, and other stress-related issues too.

While it has proven to be really effective. Still, it is best to know how much lemon balm for anxiety will do. Today, this blog post will help you with that along with its side effects.

What is Lemon Balm?

Lemon balm is also known as Melissa Officinalis. It is a perennial herbaceous plant that belongs to the family of mints— most likely this is where its aroma came from. The plant is native to Iran, Central Asia and now even most parts of the world.

Aside from having its undoubtedly pleasing and refreshing aroma, lemon balm is definitely great and works best as a stress reliever that deals with treating anxiety. It comprises many different compounds which are famously known for several health benefits.

The Lemon balm’s compounds too are also known to affect the neurotransmitters of the brain in a positive way— which makes it more effective and legit in treating depressions and all those depressive related cases.

Basically, the positive effect on the brain helps lemon balm in treating dementia and insomnia and many many more.

Since it is also a good sleeping aid, let’s get to know the Melissa sleep aid side effects.


It’s no surprise how Lemon balm is so effective in making sure you get a good night sleep and in fighting off your anxiety and pressures. Here are also some benefits of using a Lemon balm.

1 It gives a sedative or calming effect. The essential volatile oil extracts from lemon balm are reported to induce sleep, evoke anti-aggressive behavior and create an analgesic effect.

2 it works as an anti-oxidant. It was reported that Lemon balm supplements contain high amounts of concentrated antioxidants, sometimes it does sum up to be greater than 75mmol/100g.

Side Effects

While there are amazing benefits, there are also Melissa sleep aid side effects which are plainly normal for first-time users.

Basically, there are some cases that were reported of having severe headaches, which is probably normal to occur. But if you increase the dose without consultation or consume it improperly then minor, only minor, side effects such as nausea, dizziness, increased appetite, and wheezing can occur.

Over more, still, lemon balm is one of the safest drugs and supplements you can use to fight off anxiety. Knowing this side effects should not, definitely not, scare you.

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