Live Resin: Is This The Best Choice For Cannabis Users?

Regardless of whether you consume cannabis for medical purposes or personal reasons, you have to find products that offer the best possible experience. From simple vape products to edibles, oils and more, there is always something you can consider, depending on the benefits you seek. In that context, you may come across the term called ‘live resin’. Selected dispensaries and stores, such as Chronic Creations, offer this kind of concentrate, exclusively for people who prefer to have a better experience with cannabis. Many users agree that this could be the future of cannabis use, but before you jump and take the lead, here are some aspects worth knowing.

What is live resin exactly?

As the name indicates, live resin is obtained from freshly harvested flowers that are frozen immediately. The entire process of storage and extraction is done at a freezing temperature, which helps in preserving the terpenes. For the uninitiated, terpenes are the natural oils found in the cannabis plant that add to the flavor and aroma of different products. Terpenes are also known to create what’s called as the entourage effect, which enhances experience. The production process of often reduces the effect of terpenes, but with live resin, you can actually have the best experience with cannabis.

Should you consider live resin?

If you are a fan of the aroma and flavor of the cannabis flower, this is ideally the best possible choice for you. The ‘entourage effect’ cannot be derived from pure CBD or THC products at all, but live resin preserves all the essential terpenes and chemicals, so the cannabis effect is real. Today, you will find dab pens that are quite popular. Just push a button and you can inhale the best possible flavor of cannabis there is. Dab pens look like e-cigs, so you can be assured of using cannabis, without letting the world know.

Things to know

When it comes to producing live resin, only selected sellers and producers have the expertise, equipment and facility to make such products, so make sure that you check for all details. Also, because the flavor of live resin is high and concentrated, you must use these products with care and as recommended. Please note that live resin doesn’t alter the natural levels of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD.

Always check for quality products to have the best experience, and for that, paying a tad more for live resin is not a bad idea.

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