Low Testosterone Therapy – How It Affects Your Sexual Desire

Low Testosterone (LHT), which is more commonly referred to as male menopause or aging, is a natural part of the aging process. It occurs when the testicles stop producing adequate testosterone to sustain normal functioning. This condition also known as hypogonadism can have many symptoms such as irregular sex drive, moodiness, decreased energy levels, loss of bone density, decreased bone mass, increased body fat, depression, irritability, and decreased concentration and memory. The effects of low testosterone therapy are similar to those of menopause for women. However, there are several differences that could be observed between the two conditions.

The symptoms of low testosterone therapy may affect the patient’s ability to engage in activities of daily living, including work and sexual functioning. A decline in the patient’s energy levels may affect his willingness to participate in physical activities. Body aches, muscular weakness, joint pain, decreased immunity to infections, poor memory, and erectile dysfunction may also be observed and may require that you visit a men’s ED clinic. While testosterone replacement therapy usually involves injections of orchiectomies, the use of red blood cells (hemoglobin) is a common alternative treatment.

In order to accurately determine the effects of low testosterone therapy on patients’ sexual functioning, a thorough medical history, including the age when the symptoms appeared, their frequency, and any past treatments, is necessary. A history that is missing or incomplete may result in the wrong diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, a lack of certain medical details may lead to misdiagnosis and treatment, resulting to other symptoms as well.

One of the commonly observed side effects is decreased libido or lack of interest in sex. Loss of libido can result from severe emotional distress, which is one of the symptoms of low testosterone levels in elderly men. When the body experiences significant changes, such as decreased muscle mass, the occurrence of low libido may also be triggered by severe cold or flu symptoms. Muscle mass decreases with age, causing low testosterone levels.

As previously mentioned, another effect of low testosterone levels in the body is decreased sex drive. The decreased libido can result from low testosterone levels, being in the absence of natural androgen hormones. Men with low testosterone levels are sometimes encouraged to take testosterone replacement therapy, an action that is strongly discouraged since it has been found that natural androgen hormones can promote the persistence of sexual dysfunction. Even worse, low testosterone levels have been linked to the persistence of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is also considered as one of the most common sexual dysfunction effects of low testosterone levels. Erectile dysfunction is characterized by difficulty in achieving and sustaining adequate erections, lower libido and interest in sex, and lack of energy and stamina during sexual activity. Sexual desire often remains low. In fact, erectile dysfunction has been found to be related with the presence of low testosterone levels. So, if you experience any of these symptoms, you should see your doctor for a proper diagnosis of low testosterone therapy and other possible causes of the symptoms.

Low Testosterone Therapy is one of the more effective treatments available for erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual complaint among males of all ages. While low testosterone is an underlying factor for ED, it can also lead to other psychological and physical symptoms, which make being treated for it particularly beneficial to a man’s quality of life, sex drive, energy levels, and sense of well-being. Because of these complications, low testosterone levels are routinely treated using a combination of prescription medications, natural supplements, and surgery.

Some men opt for low testosterone therapy for the simple fact that they’re tired of feeling like they have to use prescription drugs just to perform the basic functions of their sexual lives. While many men experience heightened feelings of sexual desire when taking prescription medications like Viagra, there are those who are specifically seeking treatment for a more serious condition, such as a lack of sperm production. Fortunately, there are many natural supplements that offer safe, effective low testosterone treatment.

One of the most common side effects of low testosterone therapy is hypoglycemia. Because these medications stabilize blood sugar levels, people who take them also need to watch their carbohydrate intake to keep the blood sugar levels consistent. If you eat too few carbohydrates, your body will not metabolize glucose properly, causing severe insulin reactions and dizziness. While symptoms can still be severe even with natural therapies, they’re much milder than the uncomfortable, sometimes dangerous side effects of meds.

As important as improving sex drive and muscle mass is, low testosterone treatment also plays a role in bone strength and muscle development. Bodybuilders and athletes know that they need to maintain adequate amounts of testosterone to protect against Estrogen-induced kidney damage, which can lead to impotence. Low levels of testosterone have also been shown to contribute to decreased bone density and reduced muscle mass. A daily estrogen blocker and testosterone supplement can help balance  hormones, increase muscle mass and enhance libido.

As important as working out is to improving your sex drive and muscle mass, good blood sugar control is crucial to reducing the risk of developing diabetes. Testosterone therapy is especially helpful for people who’ve had difficulty managing their blood sugar through diet and exercise alone. Diabetics can use testosterone therapy to improve their energy levels and allow them to perform exercise routines without worrying about low energy and a dull feeling at night. It’s no wonder then that low testosterone therapy is one of the fastest growing segments of the health and fitness industry.

And speaking of sex drive and muscle mass, those who take advantage of testosterone replacement therapy find that they have greater stamina, experience stronger erections, have more intense orgasms, and have increased sex drive and energy. This often leads to more satisfying sex. In fact, studies show that low testosterone therapy can lead to an overall increase in sex drive and satisfaction. Those with more body fat also report greater sexual stimulation and pleasure.

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