Multiple Cannabis Strain Options for Pain Management

The stigma associated with the cannabis sector has vanished. The society and medical community are aware of the potential health benefits of cannabis products. Medical marijuana is causing a revolution because of its competence to relieve pain and suffering.

Cannabis strains possess an analgesic property that relieves sufferers from sore muscles, severe migraines, and headaches, nerve pain management, reduce inflammation, etc.

Chronic pain hinders the quality of life. Mobility becomes hard, so daily activities become a challenge. Even at night sufferers keep turning and tossing because of the intense pain. Fluent dispensaries offer medical marijuana to interested patients around Florida. Patients get many strain options for their pain management.


It is the highest-ranked strain for pain management. ACDC has high cannabinoid or CBD percentage. It stimulates the brain neurotransmitters. Thus pain-reducing and euphoric effects get produced as per medical cannabis users. As THC is very low there is no intoxication experienced. Thus, patients can stay relieved from pain as well as stay alert all day.

Death Star

Death Star is the baby of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel. It is a potent hybrid weed that creates enduring euphoria and a blissful relaxation state. Users even find relief for nausea and depression. It’s a great daytime strain that can keep you move without pain from morning till night.


A hybrid created with genetics from Blue Dot and G13. Blowfish users find this indica-dominant hybrid a relaxing strain that supports deep sleep at night. It even relieves headache pains efficiently.

La Confidential 

It claims for a strong body and mind effects. People struggling with consistent pain report to have successfully reduced pain. A residual effect like appetite loss, stress, and nausea also get reduced. Users even enjoy a creative and psychedelic experience with La Confidential indica strain.

Blueberry Kush

People feel tense and stressed out with constant discomfort. Blueberry Kush creates a soothing body relaxation effect. As it is an indica strain, bedtime use is recommended. Besides treating insomnia, Blueberry Kush can be a pleasurable choice for mood disorders, headaches, nausea, and ADHD.

Tangerine Dream

A 2010 cannabis cup winner boosts energy as well as reduces chronic pain. It works differently than the other pain relief strains that produce soporific effects. If you have an important presentation or conference then use Tangerine Dream because it will not allow pain to impact your performance.

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