Quality Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand is Just a Click Away

As Asia has become increasingly popular with medical tourists, Thailand has stood out as one of its front runners. It continues to attract more and more people each year, some come for breast augmentation while others travel for liposuction. Millions of people visit Thailand every year for its world-renowned cuisine, friendly people and outstanding scenery. If you are thinking about combining the two, you’ll need to find a quality doctor.

Board Certified Doctors

When choosing a clinic or hospital in Thailand, you’ll want to find a reputable establishment that is recognised for its high standards of medical care. The way you do this is to find a cosmetic surgeon who is nationally board-certified. Open nose surgery prices (called เสริมจมูกแบบโอเพ่นราคา in Thai) or breast augmentation is extremely affordable all over the country, but not all of the doctors who offer these procedures are recognised by the board. You should only go to a hospital or clinic which is fully accredited and internationally recognised by the appropriate governing bodies. There are plenty of medical institutions in Thailand which currently have US-based accreditation.

Only a Specialist Will Do

When choosing a cosmetic surgeon, you should always look for a specialist, rather than a general practitioner. Cosmetic surgery in Thailand is huge, you’ll see medical facilities all over the country offering rhinoplasty and other procedures. Some of these places aren’t run by expert plastic surgeons, but general practitioners who advertise themselves as specialists. You should always look for the right expertise, luckily there are plenty of great doctors in places such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.


If you aren’t from Thailand and you don’t live there, finding referrals may be tricky, but not impossible. If you can’t find anyone who has been to Thailand for a procedure, your next best option is to look online. There are plenty of forums, blogs and review sites you can read about cosmetic surgery in Thailand. You may even be able to get in touch with someone who has been through the same procedure you are thinking about going for. Listening to someone giving a first-hand account of their experience will put your mind at ease about choosing a specific clinic.

Look at Their Work

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a handful of cosmetic surgeons, you should request to take a look at their work. Look at photos of before and after images, this will give you an idea of the doctor’s level of expertise. Cosmetic surgeon isn’t just about medical procedures, it is somewhat of an art form. Your surgeon should know what breast size suits your body and how to create a shape that enhances your overall beauty. It isn’t just about agreeing to your demands.

Finding a top of the range cosmetic surgeon in Thailand can be easily done online, there is no need to visit the country before choosing a clinic or hospital. As long as you do plenty of research and do your best to get in touch with people who have gone through the process, you should have no issued finding a reputable doctor.

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