Quick Overview Of PRP Injection Therapy For Pain!

Pain management is a serious concern, and while there are many treatments available, PRP injection therapy is gaining considerable popularity. For the uninitiated, PRP stands for Platelet rich plasma, which is derived from the patient’s own blood. PRP injection therapy is ideal for a number of conditions, more so because it relies on the natural healing process of the body rather than external medications. For the longest time, PRP injection therapy was used for treatment for selective pain, sports injuries, and clinics like AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine have made it a part of their regular list of pain management techniques.

How does it work?

PRP injection therapy relies on concentration of platelets that’s derived from the blood of the patient. PRP is then injected into the painful area, usually in the joints, tendons and ligaments, to promote healing and repair of tissues. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is high in growth and healing factors, and in most cases, patients see a considerable change in their condition is about four weeks. From the time of drawing blood to preparation of solution, it takes about 25 to 30 minutes, and the process is really quick. The blood is then placed into centrifuge, which helps in spinning the blood and separating its contents. Once the RBCs are removed, concentrated PRP is derived, which is injected as required.

When to consider PRP injection therapy?

If you have lumbar spine disc pain, unexpected knee and shoulder injuries, tennis elbow, knee sprains and other kinds of pain related to patellar tendonitis, PRP injection therapy is just right for you. This treatment is also considered ideal for anyone who has issues like plantar fasciitis, or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The use of PRP therapy is also ideal for varied kinds of arthritis, including shoulder and knee arthritis.

Benefits and other aspects

First things first, what kind of pain management technique will work for you depends on several factors. Your doctor is the first person to offer an insight if PRP therapy is the right choice for your condition. There are many known benefits of PRP therapy. Since the treatment relies on platelets, there are no known adverse side effects of this option, and in many cases, it has helped patients in avoiding the cost of expensive replacement surgeries.

Please note that is a completely outpatient procedure and there is no hospitalization required. Check online now to find clinics near you!

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