The Right Short-Term Nursing Facility Guarantees Speedy Recovery to Your Loved One

Short term rehabilitation facilities offer therapy for those recovering from an illness, surgery, accident or a medical episode. Patients are provided physical, speech and occupational therapies until they are deemed ready to resume normal life. The stay can be anywhere between few days to few months.

At times, you may seek short-term rehabilitation care after an elective surgery in which case you’d have take time to decide on the facility. Other times a person has to attend rehabilitation after an unexpected medical procedure. The doctor may have recommended going to rehab after discharge. You don’t have the luxury of time to research the centres available. How would you proceed?

There may be a few centres offering rehabilitation services in your area. It is important to pay a visit to the shortlisted centres before making a decision. You need to ensure proper care is provided. Mitchell-Hollingsworth Nursing and Rehabilitation centre offers excellent short term care in Alabama. Right from your meals to a safe workout plan, their staffs customise everything according to your needs.

Ask these questions when visiting a short-term rehabilitation facility:

General questions:

  • Is your facility Medicare/Medicaid certified?
  • Is the facility licensed?
  • Would you accommodate my specific needs?
  • What insurance policies do you accept?
  • What is the fee?
  • What are the services covered in the basic fee? Which services cost extra?
  • Does your facility have dietician to ensure healthy meals?
  • Would you accommodate individual dietary needs?
  • May I know your visitation policy?
  • Do you conduct background check on your employees?
  • Would you include patients and family members in care planning?

For patients who require short-term rehabilitation:

  • Is there intensive rehabilitation treatment provided? (About 3 hours daily)
  • Do a team of physician-led rehabilitation specialists provide therapy?

  • What are the rehabilitation facilities and equipment available?
  • What is the approximate expected duration of stay?

Rather than asking these questions over call, present these questions when a staff member gives you an in-person tour of their facility. Though you can gather much information through calls, it doesn’t equate to paying a visit to the facility. You will also get to assess the atmosphere.

If you have other questions in mind relating to your loved one’s medical condition and other needs, ask right away. The centres are happy to help you with your queries. After all you want to provide the best for your loved one.

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