Three Common Services you can Enjoy at Day Spas

Your spa experience will do wonder for your health and mood. Being able to spend a few days to relax and enjoy spa treatments with your family or friends is a rejuvenating experience. But, if you are like many people, you may not have the luxury of taking a few day s off work. You may only manage to have free time on Saturdays and Sundays. Fortunately, you can use this free time at a day spa.

A day spa offers all the amenities that destination spas provide. They usually include a sauna, steam room, a swimming pool, or a whirlpool. Day spas that are more expensive may provide more such as beauty treatments and Massage à sherbrooke. The services these spas offer are classified as a spa, body, or cosmetic treatments. A day spa is the best solution for men and women who want to relax their body away from home and work but do not have the time to take a vacation. Read on to know the usual services and treatments that these spas provide:

Bathing Activities

A typical day spa provides a pool of decent size for bathing.  They also offer additional water-related therapeutic methods and devices such as an artificial waterfall, mud baths, hot tubs, hot spring baths, steam baths, and peat pulp baths. The spa offers services that they can deliver during the day since they don’t provide overnight accommodation. They design their services so they can complete them in a daily stay. Thus, a day spa only provides short-term relaxation instead of long-lasting therapy.

Cosmetic Treatments

Aside from aquatic services, a day spa includes beauty and cosmetic services. Often, these services include a range of treatments such as aromatherapy, massage, hairdressing, and waxing. Also, their services can include nail care services with the more advanced spas offering body or mud wraps.

These spas are oriented on male and female customers and they attempt to attract them by offering specialized services. Usually, women seek the services of a beautician, aromatherapy expert, and nail care expert. Meanwhile, men will usually visit saunas, pools, and massage centers.

Spa Trends

Today, day spas expand their services to keep up with the market. For instance, a lot of day spas provide trendy services such as life coaching, yoga, and Tai chi. Some of them transform into full wellness centers where beauty, health, and relaxation experts will give clients advice. Moreover, as they adapt to trends, some day spas even offer nutritional advice and exercise programs.

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