Tips to overcome sleeping disorders and stay healthy

After coming back from a long day at work, all you want is freshen up and have a good night’s sleep. But what if you can’t sleep and end up twisting and tossing on your bed. As per a study, due to our stressful work routines and an unhealthy lifestyle, the chance of having a sleeping disorder has increased. An average adult should have a sleep of anywhere between 7-8 hours, anything less than that can give a range of unwanted illnesses and diseases. There are several benefits of having adequate sleep that ranges from improved heart health, reduced stress to better memory and weight loss.

Use these tips to overcome sleeping disorders and stay healthy-

Opt for the right mattress and sheets

Make your bedroom an alluring place. Keep your room clutter free and remove all the distractions away from your sight. Ensure that the mattresses are proper and the sheet is neat and clean. The wrong mattress can lead to spine-related problems and sleep disturbances.

Use your bed for sleeping only

Your bed should be used for sleeping and not other activities like watching TV, eating, working, etc. If you are into night-time reading, then read feel-good books that help you sleep calmly.

Develop a sleep routine

Sleeping till late on the weekends is quite tempting, but it will only interrupt your biological clock and cause more sleeping problems. You should have a regular sleep-wake cycle as it helps you sleep better without any tossing and turning.  Eventually, your body will set its internal clock, and you will get sleepy as soon as you hit the bed at that particular time.

Say no to naps

An afternoon nap may seem very tempting, but it will only make falling asleep even harder at night. Sleep for long hours on the weekends can also disrupt your regular sleep schedule and aggravate midweek insomnia.

Caffeine isn’t your best buddy

No matter how much you love your morning black coffee and evening latte, it is essential to limit your caffeine consumption in order to sleep well. Also, limit the intake of chocolates, cocoa drinks, and colas as they contain caffeine in abundance.

Limit your alcohol intake & stop smoking

You should not drink any alcoholic beverage in the few hours before sleeping. Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol at any time of the day can break off your sleep pattern. Also, quit smoking as it worsens sleep apnea and other health disorders, which can make it difficult to get restful sleep.

Move it

Exercising 3-4 times a week increases your metabolism, improves heart health, reduces weight, and betters sleep quality. However, be sure to complete your training session a few hours before going to bed.

Change your diet

Cut heavy consumption of caffeine and include green leafy vegetables in your diet.  Make dinner your lightest meal, and have it a few hours before bedtime. Skip spicy and oily foods as they can keep you up at night with heartburn or indigestion.

Close all the open tabs

Your mind is like a computer, and it has several tabs opened on it. Establish a wind-down ritual in the evening and relax. Let go of the disturbing thoughts and indulge in activities that make you happy and calm. Also, close all your devices and gadgets an hour before sleeping. Checking your phone multiple times at night will only worsen your condition. Try meditation or listen to calming music!

Sleeping is a beautiful thing as it relaxes your muscles and suppresses your raging thoughts. In case you feel you’re not getting enough sleep, you should use these simple adjustments to enjoy a more restful night. A sleep disorder like sleepwalking is dangerous and it can land a person in a hospital. Therefore, it is advised to have a health insurance policy to share the financial load of medical treatment bears. You can buy a health insurance policy online without any paperwork. It’s that simple!

Improve your well-being with a better sleep guide. Explore tips and practices to enhance sleep quality, promoting physical and mental health for a more rejuvenated and productive life.

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