Understanding Keratin – What is it?

These days, you can see keratin everywhere, starting from the magazine covers to social media spaces it is dominating the beauty market. Most of the people of unruly, dry and damaged hair swears by it. Not only common people but also hair stylists rave about it.

Keratin is one of the most important protein in human body and is known to improve the elasticity of the hair strands. It makes the surface of the hair smooth and calms the broken edges of the hair strands.

To your surprise most of the Hollywood stars also opt for this treatment from time to time. In this article we will decide, what exactly is this keratin and do they really work or not. Let us check:

Benefits of keratin products

Keratin products acts as a coating to your hair strands and helps in managing your hair. The results differ from person to person depending on the health and thickness of the hair. Also, there are several types of keratin treatment. You must buy keratin hair products online as per your hair problems.

This chemical protein works by smoothening the rough hair cells and overlapping the hair strands with thick cover. Thereafter, the hair cuticle absorbs the protein and gives a fuller look with glossy finish. Moreover, keratin has claimed to deliver amazing results for curly and frizzy hair. It makes them easier to style and straighten it.

What is keratin?

Keratin is one of the most component and building blocks of your skin, hair and even nails. It is one of the vital proteins which helps human body in withstanding wear and tear. Both the internal and external structure of your hair strands are made up of keratin.

Due to stress, bad food habits, pollution and genetic makeup hair experiences rapid loss of keratin. Hence with time, your hair gets susceptible to breakage and damage.

What cause loss of keratin?

The main reason of keratin loss is exposure to excessive heat and styling devices. Excessive heat also means harmful ultra violet rays and it can create havoc damage on your hair. Moreover, frequent styling and blow drying with hot hair without using proper protection will add to the severity of the damage.

Salon keratin treatments

Most commonly this is known as Brazilian keratin treatment, this is one of the most expensive hair treatments which you can opt for. The first step is to cover your hair with formaldehyde, then it is blown dry. Thereafter, it is straightened.

Once the treatment is done your hair needs to be kept dry for several days. After three to four days the chemicals are washed out and straightened.

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