Venue Freeze: Is It Worth It?

Venus Freeze is an anti-aging and anti-cellulite treatment meant to tighten skin, decrease the appearance of wrinkles, and combat stubborn cellulite. The founder of this treatment claimed that it can provide the skin with a youthful look. To know if the treatment is worth the possibly $300 per session investment, read on:

How it Venus Freeze Works

Radiofréquences multipolaires Venus Freeze is non-ablative and is optimal for people who want to avoid recovery time. Aside from minimal recovery, this treatment is quite safe with aesthetic RF treatments. This FDA-approved treatment is designed to help patients get rid of their cellulite and loose skin, leading to an improved look.

A medical professional performs a Venus Freeze treatment using a combination of heat, radio frequency, and magnetic pulses to stimulate the skin. Experts say that it can help in generating new collagen and elastic fibres over time.

Medical professionals who specialize in Venus Freeze recommend getting six sessions for the face and neck and 8-10 courses for the body. How long the session will depend on the body part focused on. However, it can usually take 15-45 minutes each session. Because results are cumulative, the patient may not see much of a difference after the first session. But, they should see a difference by the end of their treatment cycle. The results are often seen after just two sessions.

What to Expect During Treatment

After cleaning the skin, the doctor will coat the skin with a layer of glycerin.  A device is used similar to a big, heated massage wand. This device has an alarm that is set when treating each area. Treating an area takes around 25 minutes. According to people who have tried Venus Freeze, the experience was quite calming and relaxing.

Who is Venus Freeze For?

People who are losing skin elasticity and starting to show early signs of aging like fine lines, sagging, and wrinkles are perfect candidates for Venus Freeze. Those who have an infection or inflammation in the area to be treated must wait until these areas have healed before they can start the treatment.

Venue Freeze may not be ideal for pregnant women, those undergoing IVS procedure, people with any skin-related varicose veins, and those with degenerative neurological condition or disease around the treatment area. People who are considering this treatment should schedule a free consultation with a provider in their local area to know more about pricing and what to expect from the procedure.

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