What Do You Think Is The Importance Of Loving Yourself?

Do you like to spend time alone? Do you shut yourself down from the hustle and bustle of this fast-running world? To retrospect sometimes or to process the flow of events unfolding lately. If you are not doing any of these things, your mind and soul are begging for a much-needed break. Your responsibilities, deadlines, commitments, and everything that keeps you from thinking about your well-being and mental health, can be paused for a while. There is always an alternative for these things; what is irreplaceable is your valuable life, where you exist in the best health and spirit.

You don’t need to go on a guilt trip if you express self love by pampering yourself with some good food, a relaxing spa session, reading your favourite novel, or binge-watching your favourite shows before the weekend. YES!!! It’s a universal fact that most working professionals worldwide tend to live and enjoy their lives only on the weekends. The rest of the days, they exist. We don’t realize it, but this monotonous way of leading lives throws many people into the dark pit of depression, anxiety, and paranoia.

Before you embark on a blissful journey of self care, it is necessary to understand depression and its forms. Just in case you need to assess your mental health or any of your loved ones. Depression, in medical terms, can be defined as a mental disorder in which a person constantly feels gloomy and tends to avoid everything that previously made them feel happy and excited. Every human being goes through this phase at some point in their life. Depending on the symptoms and trigger actions, depression has the following types.

  • Clinical depression-This is the most common form of depression and has symptoms like fatigue, depressed mood, changes in eating and sleeping pattern, etc. The government issues helpline numbers for individuals dealing with any of these issues and seeking self help.
  • Persistent depressive disorder-This kind of depression has varying degrees of existence from mild, moderate, and severe. It can last up to months or a year. Symptoms include low-self esteem, lack of interest in daily activities, lack of sleep, etc. The feeling of worthlessness and guilt is the common issues young individuals face nowadays, especially teens with different sexual orientations. In such cases, lgbtq health issues regarding mental and physical well-being must be dealt with proper medical supervision.
  • Bipolar disorder-It can be considered an extreme mood disorder that may require hospitalization, cause physical impairments, and make the person completely delusional. The depression episodes can be mild sometimes, but the typical symptoms include insomnia, irritability, anxiety, and loss of self-esteem. Compared to other forms of depression, bipolar disorder patients are more prone to attempt suicide.

Apart from these forms of mood disorders, there are other types commonly faced by women, such as Postpartum disorder, Pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder (PMS), seasonal affective disorder, etc. They can be considered mild forms of depression and cured easily with time or moderate medications. The task that should be done consistently to assess our mental state is introspection. From psychological perception, it means reflecting on our thoughts, emotions and memories.

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