What Is A Cold Press Juicer?

Many people have turned to the diet trend of juicing. This is a fabulous way to provide the body with all of its necessary nutrients without eating food. A juice cleanse is best done with freshly juiced fruits and vegetables. People sometimes opt to go to juice bars or purchase freshly juiced juices from swanky chain grocery stores. These juices can sometimes be a couple of hours or even a day old. Juicing at home will provide the freshest tasting and most nutrient and vitamin-rich juice.

What Is Cold Pressed Juice?

Cold pressed juice is produced from a juicer that uses zero heat extraction. This means that valuable vitamins and enzymes are preserved within the juice for up to three days. Cold press juicers crush the fruit and vegetables and then extract every last drop of juice from the crushed produce. This gives the highest product yield.

Is Cold Pressing Time Efficient?

When one is cold pressing the juice it is important to consider the amount of time dedicated to producing the juice. It typically can take anywhere from twelve to twenty-four hours for the juicer to go from sourcing to juicing the bottle. It is best to plan a juice cleanse in advance if cold-pressed juicing from home.

Why Is Cold Pressed Juice Beneficial?

Cold-pressed juice lacks the bulky pulp that can sometimes be left behind from fruits and vegetables. Juice detoxification can often help relieve any strain that the body might be undergoing during the cleanse. The nutrients in the cold-pressed juice are full of vitamins that can boost the immune system. These nutrients also help combat any toxins that have built up in the body.

What Other Uses Does A Cold Press Juicer Offer?

Cold pressed juicers can make other nutritious treats other than just healthy juices. Many cold pressed juicers also are able to process nuts. The processed nuts can then be turned into a healthy nut butter or nut milk. In some cases, the juicer will also come with attachments that can make healthy and delicious sorbet and other all-natural frozen treats. There is nothing more delicious and satisfying than a freezer full of homemade healthy treats for everyone to enjoy. Other attachments for cold press juicers are also capable of grinding coffee or making various types of pasta.

How Does A Cold Pressed Juicer Save Money?

Because a cold pressed juicer uses every bit of the produce and is able to extract every last drop of liquid it means less produce is wasted. A juice bottle of cold pressed juice has so many nutrients that supplements can often be cut back on. There is not always a need for extra vitamins when all of the vitamins are being transferred from the produce to the immune system. Cold pressed juicers also take the place of many bulky and costly kitchen gadgets. There is no need for a separate pasta making machine or a coffee grinder when you have all of the necessary attachments on your cold pressed juicer. The long 72-hour shelf life of cold-pressed juice is also impressive and allows for juicers to plan ahead and keep plenty on hand.

The best cold press juicer is a multi-functional kitchen tool that is vital in creating healthy beverages and snacks. It will produce top quality juice and healthy frozen snacks while cutting back on waste.

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