What Is Deep Vein Thrombosis?

Often the movement of blood becomes too slow and it will pass through your veins very slowly due to formation of clot and may cause clump in your clot.

If the blood clot gets formed in your vein which is deep inside the body, then it will cause deep vein thrombosis as per the doctors, which is mostly happen in the lower leg, pelvis or thigh. However, this problem can also occur in any other parts of the body.

Such kind of DVT problem can be cause of number of major health problems. Quite often in few cases, it can also be fatal. That is the reason in case you find such problem with you then without wasting any time you must consult any doctor immediately.

What are the various signs?

Usually symptoms of DVT may not show up for everyone but following are few things that you might notice:

  • Arm or leg swelling which appears without any warning
  • Warmth in area that hurts
  • While standing or walking there will be pain or soreness
  • Enlarged veins
  • Skin may look red or blue

Few people often fail to notice when they have DVT till following things happen:

  • Coughing up blood
  • Shortness of breath
  • Higher rate of heart
  • Chest pain becomes worse when you are taking deep breath

What causes DVT?

Following are few most common causes of DVT:

  • Though DVT may happen during any age, but risk is higher after 40.
  • If you sit for too long then blood may not circulate properly and may cause DVT.
  • Long bed rest, when you are hospitalized for too long time then too your muscles can raise the chances of DVT.
  • Women may face such problem during pregnancy as carrying baby may put more pressure on leg veins and pelvis. Such clot may happen up to six weeks after giving birth.
  • Also, obesity can cause increase in body mass index which increases the chance of DVT.
  • In case you have any serious health issues like cancer, Irritable bowel disease or heart disease then too it can increase the risk.

  • It can also be due to heredity problem which run in the family where the blood may be much thicker that what it should be.
  • Injury to your vein as a result of broken bone or surgery/other trauma.
  • Often too much smoking can make blood cells stickier and it can harm the lining of the blood vessels.
  • By regular intake of birth control pills/use of hormone replacement therapy can also cause DPT.

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