What is Hybrid Marijuana and Where do the Strains Come From?

Hybrid marijuana is obtained by mixing indica and sativa strains. Today, marijuana strains are easily available in the market but they are not always of a pure quality. Hybrid strains has the features of a dominant parent with less features of the secondary variety.

Here are the basic categories of hybrid strains:

  1. Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strains

These hybrid strains have similar features like sativa strains that give a cerebral high when used. Sativa hybrid strains balances your mental and physical state easily. Sour Diesel in particular, is an instance of pure indica stains.

  1. Indica Dominant Hybrids

These hybrids have the same effect like pure indica stains. They are usually consumed for curing full body pain and insomnia with its body and head high features. Some types of indica hybrids are kosher Kush, blackbetter kush, and skywalker og.

  1. Even Hybrids

These strains are known as 50 50 hybrids which are made by mixing indicant and sativa equally. These strains create a perfect combination that can impact your mind and body for customizing the experience. Purple Diesel and Silver Haze are some of the examples of Even Hybrids strains.

Effects of hybrid marijuana

The genetics of hybrid marijuana ascertains the effects people go through once they use this kind of cannabis strain. Sativa dominant hybrid strains may give an uplifting effect but indica dominant strains give more of a relaxed feel to the user. Determining the differences between sativa and indica only provides a partial picture of the effects of cannabis strain.

Hence, it is important to know the ratio of THC and CBD contents present in the marijuana product. These multiple attributes of cannabis play a significant role for making a hybrid strain work. When you have the right knowledge, these factors can help the marijuana users choose the perfect strain for themselves. But, when you have every information handy, this is the best way to figure out the effects of a hybrid strain in a human body for using it by beginning with a small amount and using it slowly.

A hybrid marijuana strain lets you have the best of both worlds. Using hybrid marijuana can adjust the various preferences of its users. It also gives more freedom to the farmers for selecting crops that work great in their growing space and harvesting requirements. For more info, visit the website.

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