What is Liposomal CBD? Here is Everything You Should Know

Before diving deep into the liposomal CBD, let’s learn about CBD bioavailability first.Bioavailability means the degree and rate where the dose of any substance like CBD reaches the target organ like the endocannabinoid system when CBD is involved without causing any changes. Bioavailability tends to vary on the basis of how you take a substance in. Many substances have a full 100 percent bioavailability. This comes in handy when taking meds, vitamins and supplements. But when it comes to CBD, there are many obstacles.

Cannabinoids such as CBD as lipophilic, in other words, they dissolve fats but not water. The human body constitutes 60 percent water. In other words, the compounds don’t dissolve or be absorbed with ease. Hence it is important to note that the water solubility issues don’t affect those vaping CBD as the cannabinoid molecules are flowed via the heated vapors and is easily absorbed by lungs. But if vaping CBD orally, there are a few solutions available.

What is liposomal CBD?

Know that liposomal is derived from Greek roots, where lipos means fat and soma means body. So liposome is a body of fact that is attached to or surrounded by another molecule at the molecular level.

These tiny fat pockets surround the meds they are meant to deliver. The body has the capacity of absorbing the nutrients present in a liposome rather than the nutrients consumed in other oral supplements. If you want to buy CBD Liposomal Drops, get in touch with us today.

Is water soluble CBD available?

As aforementioned, CBD is hydrophobic, in other words, it repels water. But there are many water soluble CBD available. It refers to CBD that is compatible with water. These CBD particles are not soluble in water, but they can be rendered water friendly. If one molecule gets rid of a particle of a compound to more of a smaller size, then it becomes water soluble and increases the surface area of the compound as well. The particle size of CBD can be reduced and emulsified into carrier compounds that are compatible with water. The most commonly used emulsions are nano emulsions.

What about Nano Emulsified CBD?

This CBD has smaller molecules than liposomal CBD. When used as a supplement, these substances are absorbed easily. Size matters a lot when buying CBD oil for numerous reasons.

These products are also mixed with penetration improvisers like ethanol or propylene glycol. They come in handy when spreading CBD over skin and mucous membranes. Rather than the chemicals, you can also use MCT oil. It comes from coconut oil and boosts the absorption rates of CBD and is amazing for body and mind as well.

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