What Should Seniors Consider When Choosing Dentures?

Dentures are a lifesaver for many seniors who’ve lost their natural teeth. They can really spruce up your smile, make talking easier and let you enjoy all sorts of food again! But deciding on the right dentures might feel like climbing Mount Everest due to the sheer variety at hand. 

Don’t worry, though! Getting new chompers doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking adventure. This article will guide you through three big things that need consideration!

Comfort and Fit

Choosing dentures is like picking the perfect pair of shoes – they need to be comfy and fit just right! If your dentures don’t sit well, it’s a one-way ticket to mouth sores, chatty issues, and mealtime mishaps. So, buddy up with your dentist or prosthodontist for some tailor-made teeth that hug those gums!

Even if you’ve got pitch-perfect false teeth from day one, changes in gum shape might make them lose their snugness over time. That’s why signing yourself up for regular check-ups should top off your priority list. Are you living in a senior living community? You’re in luck! They often have ties with local dental practices making these routine visits so easy!

Maintenance and Care

Another consideration when choosing dentures is keeping them clean and well taken care of! Your classic full set needs a daily scrub, plus your gums need some downtime while you sleep. But partials can be cleaned right in your mouth. Most times, they’re okay to wear all night.

Now, let’s talk about implant-supported ones. Although they feel really cozy like natural teeth, routine professional cleaning is their gig, with an adjustment now and then thrown into the mix. 

If looking after these beauties feels too much like hard work for you, chances are high that it might lead to dodgy oral health down the line! So keep them sparkly clean.


How much will those new chompers cost you? Traditional removable dentures are your value-for-money choice. As for implant-supported ones, they do offer an unbeatable snuggly fit and work wonders. However, they’ll likely make a larger dent in your wallet since you need surgery to get them.

Many dental insurance plans pitch in with some part of the bill when it comes to false teeth! But double-check what’s covered (and, more importantly, what isn’t) before diving into this investment headfirst.


If you’re a senior on the lookout for dentures, remember that comfort/fit, upkeep, and costs are all part of your decision-making process. You don’t have to make it alone, though! 

Have an honest chit-chat with dental pros. They’ve got pearls of wisdom that can guide you in making savvy choices about false teeth. When chosen right, dentures take life quality from good to grand-slam great by leaps and bounds!

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