What to expect from a detox near me?

Detoxification is cleansing the body system of all toxic substances. These toxins get accumulated inside the body over some time. This leads to slowing down of normal functioning of the body. Everyone should look for the services offered by detox near me.

Detoxification process

The symptoms of toxin accumulation from improper food intake are tiredness, nausea, vomiting. Detoxification for alcohol or drug abuse is risky and needs continuous monitoring. The removal of toxins detoxifying your body has side effects called withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms have to be monitored; else they can become fatal. This is the reason why detoxification is not to be done at home but in hospitals as inpatients or outpatients. In alcohol or drug abuse, detoxification can be done only in an inpatient. The detox treatment is between three to two weeks for mild toxins but needs a longer detox for alcohol and substance abuse.

Therapy post detoxification

Therapy after along with detoxification is recommended, especially in the case of drug and alcohol abuse. This builds up the strength to resist these toxic substances and teaches you self-control to keep away from them. Therapy forms a strong basis of the recovery process.

Choosing the right detox near me

  1. If there is a time constraint, you can choose a shorter detox program. In the detox program, a qualified professional help you with a program that helps you to handle the withdrawal symptoms.
  2. The cost of the program is deciding factor in choosing the detox center. A rehabilitation program that offers therapy along with detoxification may be expensive.
  3. The center should offer both inpatient and outpatient therapies. People with personal commitments may not be able to enroll as an inpatient.

Duration of the therapy

The length of the detoxification depends on the kind of abuse that is being treated. It is usually 3-15 days. The body can clear most of t the drugs swiftly, but some of them are stubborn and takes time in therapy. Also, some of the toxins have huge withdrawal symptoms which is a huge challenge. The professional treating you will decide on the duration. The other factor that determines the duration is the length of time that the person is exposed to the toxin. The longer the exposure, the greater is the dependency and hence the withdrawal symptoms. People with a higher dose of substance usually increase the time required to detoxify. Rapid detoxification is unrecommended.

Stages of the detoxification process

  1. Evaluation: The patient is evaluated for the therapy; Certain physical and blood examinations are done to personalize the therapy. During this stage, the person’s history, the kind of drugs used are also recorded. The treatment is then started.
  2. Stabilization: This stage is as critical as the evaluation stage as the patient undergoes withdrawal symptoms. The clinic has to make sure that you are medically stable during the withdrawal.
  3. Therapy: Counselling to the patients and recommendations of yoga and meditation helps patients to get rid of their addiction for a lifetime.

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