When should you consider going for a testosterone test?


The hormone testosterone is a very important hormone in men and it is normally associated with masculinity. Although testosterone is a male sex hormone, it is also produced by women’s bodies in small amounts. Low levels of testosterone in the body are very dangerous as they can indicate serious health conditions and issues. In men, testicles are the ones responsible for making testosterone, and in women, the ovaries do it. Testosterone in men is responsible for characteristics such as body hair, muscle mass increase, and strength. Men who have low levels of testosterone always experience lower levels of male traits. There are different ways through which one can increase the levels of testosterone including exercising, eating proteins, fats and carbs, or getting steroids UK prescriptions. So, how will you know that you have low testosterone levels? If you do not have an idea of whether you have the right testosterone levels or not, you may want to take a test just to confirm.

When should one get tested?

The normal range of testosterone in the human body should be between 300 to 1000 ng/dl. For women, the normal level should be 15/70ng/dl. Although that is the range, it is very normal to have changes in the levels of testosterone in your body. Naturally, testosterone levels can decrease because of our age. Other health conditions can decrease testosterone levels. After the age of 30, there is a possibility that the testosterone levels will decrease at an average of 2percent per year. Some symptoms will indicate that you have low testosterone levels such as erectile dysfunction. Those people suffering from obesity have also experienced lower testosterone levels. Buy steroids UK to help you increase your testosterone levels.

One common testosterone problem that many men experience is hypogonadism. This is another word to mean low-testosterone levels. To be diagnosed with such a condition, you must have experienced symptoms of low testosterone levels.

What are some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels?

When your testosterone levels are very low, there is a likelihood that you will experience several symptoms listed below

  • Decreased sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction or the inability to achieve an erection
  • The inability to conceive a baby
  • Tiredness

When you have been experiencing the above-mentioned, there are high chances that you are suffering from low testosterone levels and that you need to visit a doctor to get some help. Normally, a suitable doctor will come up with a treatment plan for you and that will incorporate the use of steroids for sale UK.

Signs that you have a high level of testosterone

Apart from just having low levels of testosterone, some people experience high levels of testosterone. As a woman, too high levels of testosterone can lead to the growth of facial hair, decreased breast size, and development of a deep voice. Too much testosterone in women can also be the reason for acne. One cause of too much testosterone in women is PCOS. This can make it very difficult for women to get pregnant and it will interfere with their menstruation.

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