Why Visit your Dentist Every Six Months

For a lot of people, a visit to a dentist for their professional dental cleaning is an ordeal. Some of them may skip their dental checkup due to the cost or other factors such as dental anxiety or time. However, it is imperative to think about the risks. You might end up paying more in the long run because of your hesitance to see your dentist. Below are the main reasons you should not skip your dental appointment:

Prevent the Build Up of Cavities, Plaque, and Tartar

Even if you diligently brush and floss your teeth every day, you may still miss some small areas in your mouth. Plaques are not easy to remove once they have built up. Over time, they will solidify and turn into tartar which is very hard to get rid of without the help of your dentist.

Moreover, visiting the best Montrose Colorado dentist regularly will prevent tartar from eroding teeth or making holes in them which can result in cavities. Usually, you won’t notice any signs of cavities but they only lead to small ache after the tooth has decayed. Professional dental cleaning is more affordable than getting a filling.

Preventing Gum Disease

Aside from causing tooth decay, the buildup of plaque and tartar can also erode the gum tissues of the mouth. This can take place when tartar buildup and causes infection where the gum is connected to the tooth. Such infection is called gingivitis which can cause the tissue which attaches gums to the teeth to break down over time. When this happens, the condition has become a gum disease which causes swelling, bleeding, or soreness in the mouth. In fact, gum disease can also cause a bone breakdown leading to the teeth loosening or falling out together. A dentist will employ drastic treatment methods for this condition.

Discovering Hidden Issues

A vital part of visiting your dentist every six months is to get your teeth and jawbone X-rayed. X-ray images let your dentist see what is going on beneath the surfaces of your mouth. They can look for and diagnose problems which may not be visible to the naked eye. Issues like these can include impacted teeth or growing teeth blocked from pushing through the gum line. Moreover, X-ray imaging can help in pinpointing jawbone damage as well as bone swelling, decay, tumors, or cysts. Discovering these issues early is important to properly treat them.

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